Our point of difference – agility

Agility is critical to property development today.

Clients have differing goals, urban planning is evolving, yet the industry remains essentially unchanged.

In response, Fayad Fayad and Remon Fayad created an agency business model that responds to changing market, planning and design conditions. As a result, Ellerson Property is independent and agile. 

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Connecting businesses with development solutions

Property development is intrinsic to Australian business culture.  Corporate and private landholders seek to value-add through development of their property assets but do not always have the internal resources and capacity to deliver that outcome. This is where EP steps in. 

See our agency in action.  These projects below are re-energising the urban landscape while delivering economic wins for their owners.  We stand by our work.

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Some projects in the pipeline


When you do it right you get noticed

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Ellerson Property's Future

“We don’t view Ellerson Property as a traditional property developer, but more as a ‘property development agency’ with its own pipeline of projects.

“This means Ellerson is effectively set up with the aim that each department—from planning, to sales and property management— will in time become its own business within the wider business, ” Fayad Fayad

“We very much have an eye on the future of property development, and we envisage that the combination of our experience and our agency model will help us achieve cut-through in the marketplace, allowing us to become market leaders in a relatively short space of time” Remon Fayad


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