Giving property asset owners flexibility to outsource


Draw upon Ellerson Property's experience to independently review a site before acquisition. We can assist you with funding proposals, reviewing zoning and controls, developing land potential, and competitor analysis. Determine your site's potential yield, gross realisation and, GFR by commissioning an EP Site Feasibility Report, an invaluable tool in the planning and funding process.


EP's team is unrivalled for successfully delivering DAs (development applications), CDCs (complying development certificates), Section 96s and, rezoning initiatives. Your project will benefit a team that confidently manages Design Excellence Competitions and works with international and Australian planning and architectural firms.


Place your site in the hands of architects who create elegant yet practical layouts that appeal to residential and commercial end-users. Our finishes experts consider longevity and maintenance in their selection of materials. In addition, nuanced colour palettes for each fitting and finish create strong market appeal.


Our project managers oversee the project. They will appoint the Head Contractor, selecting the construction company best suited to the project. EP will build the construction programme, constantly reviewing and reporting on construction milestones. Everything from the demolition of any existing structures to the issue of the Occupation Certificate.


We manage both residential leasing and retail/commercial campaigns. We will create a robust retail tenant mix of anchor tenants and value-add lifestyle/service businesses. Property maintenance is also vital to maintain the value of your asset. Our network of qualified contractors will work to maintain the integrity of your investment.


Recognising sales opportunities in each property cycle and local market knowledge, Ellerson Property will give your project a competitive edge. Compelling marketing campaigns support our sales strategies. Branding and lead-generation strategies create strong lead funnels and increase market engagement with your development.


When you do it right you get noticed

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Ellerson Property's Services

“We don’t view Ellerson Property as a traditional property developer, but more as a ‘property development agency’ with its own pipeline of projects.

“This means Ellerson is effectively set up with the aim that each department—from planning, to sales and property management— will in time become its own business within the wider business, ” Fayad Fayad

“We very much have an eye on the future of property development, and we envisage that the combination of our experience and our agency model will help us achieve cut-through in the marketplace, allowing us to become market leaders in a relatively short space of time” Remon Fayad


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